The state joined the union on July 26, 1788 – State No 11/13

Capital: Albany, NY,_New_York

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Statues, Busts, Monuments, Memorials… Historic Parks and Places…

New York City (NYC)

NY City

Lafayette is represented in three monuments in city parks, Union Square, Manhattan-Harlem, Brooklyn; two statues designed by sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi (1834–1904), who created the Statue of Liberty (1886) and a sculpture (relief) by Daniel Chester French

NYC-Union Square,_Manhattan

Union Square has noted for its impressive equestrian statue of George Washington the first public sculpture erected (1856) in New York City.

Others statues are included in the park like Lafayette and Abraham Lincoln.

Lafayette statue 91 union Square)


The statue of Marquis de La Fayette, on the east side of Union Square (91 Union Square E) Donated by French residents of New York. By Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, dedicated at the Centennial, July 4, 1876


The statue of the Marquis de Lafayette and George Washington, clasping hands by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi (1890-1900) was unveiled in the center of a little triangular plaza in Harlem.  At the junction of West 114th Street, Morningside, and Manhattan Avenues. It is a copy of Paris’s Lafayette and Washington monument “Place des États-Unis”  Paris, France.


Lafayette Monument – A bronze relief by Daniel Chester French (1850–1931). A gift of Henry Harteau, a Brooklyn glass manufacturer of French ancestry.

Prospect Park 95 Prospect Park W at 9th St.


Town, city, village, county, township … square, historic or natural sites…may refer or are named for

General Gilbert du Motier, marquis de La Fayette, or La Grange « home » of Lafayette.

LaFayette, NY,_New_York

Fayette, NY,_New_York

Fayetteville, NY,_New_York

LaGrange, NY,_New_York

Fort Lafayette, NY

FortLafayette Brooklyn NY

A coastal fortification in the Narrows of New York City Harbor


Places, Parks, sites …

Albany, NY – State Capital,_New_York

Albany, NY Lafayette_Park_Historic_District_map.This district is located in central Albany, NY just across Washington Ave and adjacent to Academy Park. The District includes the park and the combination of large government buildings and small rowhouses on the neighboring streets

The Lafayette Park Historic District

Albay, NY just across Washington Ave and adjacent To Academy Park Albany NY

Lafayette Park: Named in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette, who commanded troops at Albany in  1778, returned here in 1784 on his way to Fort Schuyler, was entertained by the State of New York and the city of Albany during his visit in 1824-1825.

Green Island, NY (Near Albany),_New_York

(It is a coterminous town and village at some 8 miles (13 km.) north of Albany, NY)

Lafayete street Green Island NY

Lafayette Street

Lafayette Park, Green Island NY

Lafayette Park

New York City (NYC), NY
(New York City actually has Lafayette Streets or Avenue… in every 5 boroughs)

NYC - Borough Map

NYC- Manhattan

Lafayette street NYC Manhattan

Lafayette Street, Manhattan

Broadway- Lafayette St subway entrance

Broadway-Lafayette street station subway, Manhattan

Lafayette Square NYC-ManhattanLafayette Square, Manhattan


Lafayette Avenue NYC-Brooklyn

Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn

Lafayette place, NYC-Brooklyn

Lafayette Place, Brooklyn

Fayette street Brooklyn NY

Fayette Street, Brooklyn


Lafayette street NYC-Bronx

Lafayette Street, Bronx


Lafayette street NYC-Queens

Lafayette Street, Bronx

NYC-Staten Island

Lafayette Avenue NYC-Staten Island

Lafayette Street, Staten Island

Buffalo, NY,_New_York

Lafayette suare and street, Buffalo, NY

Lafayette Square and Street

lafayette square Buffalo NY

Lafayette Square and Street

The square was named for General Lafayette, who visited Buffalo in 1825. Formerly Court House Park or Courthouse Square, in the center of downtown Buffalo, NY  that hosts a Civil War monument. 

Buf (2)

Lafayette hotel Buffalo NY

Lafayette Hotel

(391 Washington Street, corner Lafayette Street — right side, red bricks)

Lafayette street, Buffalo, NY

Lafayette Ave. (Northwest of Buffalo)

Amherst, NY,_New_York

– Lafayette Blvd.

Groton, NY,_New_York

– Lafayette Rd.

Irondequoit, NY,_New_York

-Lafayette Rd.,_New_York

– Lafayette Rd.

Lafayette or LaFayette, NY,_New_York Fayette, NY –  a Town

Lafayette Rd.

Long Beach, NY,_New_York

– Lafayette Blvd.

Malone, NY,_New_York

-LaFayette Rd.

Mc Lean, NY,_New_York

– Lafayette Rd.

Niagara Fall, NY,_New_York

– Lafayette Ave.

Plattsburg, NY,_New_York

– Lafayette St.

Rochester, NY,_New_York

-Lafayette Rd.

Syracuse, NY,_New_York

– Lafayette Rd.

– Fayette St.

Waterloo, NY,_New_York

Lafayette park

West Babylon, NY,_New_York

-Lafayette Rd.

Williamsville, NY,_New_York

– Lafayette Blvd.

Whitehall, NY,_New_York

Whitehall, NY Lafayette street

Lafayette St.


Pictures, busts, Exhibitions …

Statuette of the Marquis de Lafayette, by Jean Ossaye Mombur (1850–1896) / France

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028. 

Statuette Marquis de La Fayette (1880-81 or83) by Aimé-Jule Dalou – France

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028.

And Boston Athenaeum, MA



They played a key role in the American Revolution (1765-1783)
and during the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783)

Between 1778 and 1783,
44 177 French soldiers and sailors fought aside the “American Insurgents”,
5 040 gave their lives for their independence.

Between 1776 and 1783, France spent 1.3 billion French pounds. A huge debt for the time that drained the Treasure of the Kingdom.

Road markers, places, objects…

13_colonies Am revol

The 13 English colonies

The 13 states involved: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts (South and North), New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia.

He enlisted as a volunteer without pay alongside the « Insurgents » of the 13 English colonies in America who declared independence unilaterally July 4, 1776

Lafayette as a Major General in the continental army

Marquis de Lafayette as a Major General of Continental Army in 1779.
Portrait by Charles Willson Peale

*Lafayette: First military campaign: from June 1777 to January 1779

*Lafayette: Back in France to plead the cause of the “Insurgents”: from February 1779 to March 1780

*Lafayette: Second military campaign: from April 1780 to December 1781


Louis XVI - King of France and Navare

Louis XVI – King of France and Navarre

1768-1777 – France secretly helps the American Insurgents

1768: Baron de Kalb a Bavarian-born French military, traveled to America on a covert mission (to determine the level of discontent among colonists) on behalf of France.
1775-1776-1777:  France secretly sent military supplies. During these three years, France had been sent secretly to the American rebels over five million French Pounds  “livres tournois” of aid.

1778-1782 – France officially and fully aids the American Insurgents

1778 (February) – Franco American Treaty
(Later Spain (in 1779) and Dutch (in 1780) became allies of France)

1778-1779 – 1st “French Expedition” under Comte d’Estaing
1780-1781-1782- 2nd “French Expedition” under Comte de Rochambeau
1781- The French Navy under Comte de Grasse joins the Franco-American ground Forces in Yorktown, VA

TOPIC VI (T6) – LAFAYETTE VISIT (August 4 to December 22, 1784)

Road markers, places, objects…


The United States 1783-1803

In 1784, Lafayette visited America, where he enjoyed an enthusiastic welcome; he visited all the 13 states except Georgia.

– He visited the Mohawk Valley in New York to participate in peace negotiations with the Iroquois, some of whom he had met in 1778.


Road markers, places, objects…


The United States in 1825

The 24 states visited : Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine (ex-Massachusetts / North part), Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia. Plus Washington D.C.

General Lafayette in 1825 by Matthew Harris Jouett
General Lafayette in 1825 by Matthew Harris Jouett

Detailed Timeline

July 1824
•    July 13 – Lafayette leaves France on an American merchant vessel, the « Cadmus ».


August 1824
•    August 15 – Lafayette arrives at

Staten Island, New York

NY City

Lafayette was a big hero in the post-Revolutionary War years. So to help celebrate America’s 50th birthday, Lafayette was invited back to the U.S. in 1824. His arrival in August of that year put the city in the grip of Lafayette fever.

Lafayette barge NY 1824

Castle clinton 1828

Lafayette’s barge travels from Staten Island to Castle Garden at NYC-Manhattan

•    August 16 – New York City landing at

Castle Garden (ex Clinton)

Lafayette welcoming Parade NYC

Lafayette and his entourage landed at Castle Clinton where an enormous military escort had been assembled to usher him along Broadway and to the New York City Hall, where he was to be greeted by Mayor Stephen Allen a route lined by upwards of 50,000 people (about one-third of the city’s population at the time).

1824 Lafayette escorte

The military escort formed at Castle Garden (ex-Clinton) to await the arrival of Lafayette
The military escort was formed of New York militia, including the Lafayette Guards (1st Company, New York State Artillery), the Washington Greys (8th Regiment, New York Volunteers), the « Morris Cadets » and the Brooklyn Horse Guards.

He attended parties, plays, a spectacular ball at Castle Clinton and visited a school in West Village Lower Manhattan.

Lafayett plaque NYC Lower Manhattan 1824A plaque on Hudson Street marks his visit.  At the time, the school was run by the “Free School Society” and was considered a fine example of public education, worthy enough to show the Marquis. 

commemoration plateCommemoration plate,  for the landing at Castle Garden

•    August 20 –From New York City to Bridgeport/Connecticut, (NYC-Harlem, NY-  New Rochelle, NY –  Byram Bridge and Putnam Hill in Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, Saugatuck (Westport) and Fairfield) before reaching Bridgeport, Connecticut and staying at the Washington Hotel.

NYC-Harlem, NY

New Rochelle, NY,_New_York

August 21–24 – New Haven/Connecticut; Providence/Rhode Island; Stoughton/ Massachusetts; and Boston/Mass)

September 1824
(September 4 – Hartford and Middletown/Connecticut.)

•    September 5 – Lafayette is back in NY State and arrives in New York City.

•    September 11 –New York City, Celebrates the 47th anniversary of the Battle with French residents in New York.  

•    September 16 -Lafayette visits Poughkeepsie, NY

Poughkeepsie, NY,_New_York

Hudson Valley Poughkeepsie NY lafayette memorial


NYC, on September 16, the General embarked at 1 o’clock, a.m. At half past two, his Poughkeepsie approach was announced by a discharge of cannons from the bluff just below the landing at Poughkeepsie. Soon after sunrise, a large concourse of the citizens of Poughkeepsie, with a military escort, arrived at the wharf. The party visited the town up Main Street into Academy, and down Cannon into Market Street, in front of the Forbus Hotel, where they were formed into a hollow square, and the General was received by the Trustees of the village. At the conclusion of these ceremonies, the General was escorted to the Poughkeepsie Hotel, where an excellent breakfast was provided.

•    September 24 -Lafayette visits Newburgh, NY

Newburgh, NY,_New_York

September 28 –Philadelphia, PA. Heading to Delaware

May 1825
(May 25 – Washington, PA
•    May 29 – Visits Braddock, PA
•    May 30–31 –Pittsburgh, PA
June 1825
•    June 1 –Butler, PA

•    June 4 – Buffalo, NY: Lafayette gives a speech at Eagle Tavern, Lafayette Square. (Lafayette follows part of the route of the still-uncompleted Erie Canal from Buffalo across New York State.
•    June 7 – Rochester NY: Lafayette meets local Revolutionary War veterans at Silvius Hoard’s Tavern.

Buffalo, NY,_New_York

eagle Tavern, Buffalo NY 1825

Eagle Tavern, 1825

General Lafayette during his tour gave a speech in front of the Eagle Tavern, a highly regarded hotel in its day.  He spoke on a platform to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the outbreak of the war.  The square is named for him (see Topic III)

Niagara Falls, NY,_New_York

Sunday, June 4, 1825

-at 2pm: Lafayette arrives in Niagara Falls and gets a tour from Judge Augustus Porter  (whom the Town of Porter is named after)

-at 3:30pm: Lafayette and his party cross the bridge to Goat Island and remain there for 2 hours. Judge Porter offered to sell him Goat Island for $10,000, but he declined because it was too far away from France.

Niagara_Falls_by_Fisher 1820

Niagara Falls by Fisher 1820. The General was mesmerized by the Falls and spent 30 minutes alone in quiet contemplation

Lewiston, NY,_New_York

-at 8pm: Lafayette arrives in Lewiston and goes directly to a reception at Kelsey’s Tavern

625_center_street 2016625 Center Street: In 2016  the Kelsey Tavern is a Real Estate office

Kelsey Tavern - Lafayette marker 1825

Credit: Anton Schwarzmueller

Kelsey Tavern Lafayette Marker: Erected in 1820 by Thomas and Catherine Kelsey. In 1825 Marquis De Lafayette spent the night in this inn and was reunited with Nicholas Cusick, a Tuscarora Chief, who was his scout during the Revolution and whom he credited with saving his life.

The marker is at ground level on a stone where the walkway to the building splits.

Monday, June 5, 1825
-at 6am: Lafayette’s party leaves Lewiston to have breakfast at Fort Niagara where he is greeted with a 24 gun salute. After visiting the troops, he returns to Lewiston.

-at 10am: Lafayette leaves Lewiston and heads east on Ridge Road to Lockport.

Tuscarora Reservation

He stops at the Tuscarora Reservation where a large crowd had gathered to greet him. Lafayette called out and asked if his longtime friend, Chief Nicholas Cusick, was there. Cusick yells, “I’m here, General” and the two embraced.  Lafayette presented the Chief with a “handsome belt” as a token of his longtime friendship with Cusick and invited him to join him in his carriage ride to Lockport.

Lafayette subsequently visited Lockport and continued to Rochester via the newly opened Erie Canal.

Lockport – Erie Canal

Original Locks at Lockport [1825]

Erie cnal opening in 1824

The Erie Canal opened in 1824-25

Rochester, NY,_New_York

Lafayette Plaque Rochester NY

Lafayette plaque downtown Rochester

« On this site stood the tavern of Silvius Hoard where General Lafayette received the veterans of the revolutionary war June 7, 1825″

Oriskany, NY,_New_York

June 10, 1825, Colonel Col. Gerrit G. Lansing received Marquis de La Fayette

Oriskany Plaque Lafayette NY 1825

“Here at the entrance of the grounds of Col. Gerrit G. Lansing stood the two oaks underneath which the Marquis de Lafayette, Col. Lansing’s Companion in Arms at Yorktown was received on the morning of June 10, 1825, by the residents of Oriskany.”
(The trees, which have been gone for many years, are marked by a commemorative plaque installed by the Oriskany Chapter of the D.A.R. in 1923.)

The original foundation, still in existence, of Col. Gerrit G. Lansing home has walls 18 inches thick and is today located 109 (120) Dexter Avenue, Oriskany.

OKY, Ny (2)

Kingsbury/Hudson Fall, NY,_New_York,_New_York

Hudson Fall NY House

Kingsburry, Huson Fall, NY june 1825

Gen. Lafayette – In June 1825 Major General The Marquis De Lafayette Was Hosted At A Lunch In This Home.  Built By The Hon. Judge John Baker

Lebanon Springs, NY,_New_York
(Warm Springs, a favorite spa of early Americans was on the Albany-Boston stagecoach route)

The Elme trees House (c.1756) nolw apartments and

The Elm Trees House c.1756 now apartments and the Lebanon Spring House (right) covering the original structure. In June 1825 the Marquis de Lafayette on his way to Boston stayed at the hotel which held a banquet to honor the Marquis de Lafayette and his son.

In 1825 the Columbia Hall (1794-1914) was one of the first and most opulent of the spring’s hotels it had 300 bedrooms for 400 guests and ornate ballrooms.

From June 17, 1825, to June 28, 1825, Lafayette visits New England and is back to Boston in July.

On June 29, 1825, Lafayette departs from Burlington, VT 12 hours after he arrives.  He traveled overnight south on Lake Champlain past Mount Independence, Orwell, VT on the steamboat Phoenix II and arrived Whitehall, NY June 30, 1825

Whitehall, NY,_New_York

July 1825

•    July 14, 1825

New York City, NY


Lafayette greets the troops of the 2nd Battalion, 11th New York Artillery, in New York City, July 14, 1825.

This unit later adopted the title “National Guard” in honor of Lafayette’s Garde National de Paris.


•    July 14 – Morristown, NJ