The state joined the union on January 2, 1788 – State No 04/13

Capital: Atlanta, GA

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* TOPIC I: 23 Lafayette outdoor sculptures, statues, busts… in 16 States □ TOPIC II: Around 100 Towns, Counties, Places named for Lafayette in 38 States Synthesis realized by Gérard Charpentier 01-01-2016


Statues, Busts, Monuments, Memorials… Historic Parks and Places…

LaGrange, GA,_Georgia

A statue of Lafayette stands atop a fountain in the courthouse square in LaGrange (1975)  This statue is an exact copy of the original by Ernest-Eugene Hiolle (1834-1886) that stands in Le Puy, Auvergne, France. It was cast by American sculptor Harry Jackson at his Wyoming Foundry Studies, Camaiore, Italy, in 1974


Town, city, village, county, township … may refer or are named for

General Gilbert du Motier, marquis de La Fayette or La Grange, “Home” of Lafayette.

LaFayette, GA,_Georgia

– a City

Fayetteville, GA,_Georgia

– a City

Fayette County, GA,_Georgia

Fayette county, Raleigh county- WV

Savannah, GA,_Georgia

– Lafayette Square

LaGrange, GA,_Georgia

a City, Troup County, GA


Parks, places, sites …

Atlanta, GA – State Capital

Lafayette Ave. Atlanta, GA

Lafayette Ave.

Savannah, GA,_Georgia


LaFayette-Square-signLafayette Square. Laid out along Abercorn Street in 1837.

There are no monuments in Lafayette Square, but a fountain to commemorate in 1983 the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Georgia colony.

Schematic Ward - Savannah, GALafayette Ward: Layout of a typical ward in Oglethorpe’s plan.
Chickamauga, GA,_Georgia

– Old Lafayette Rd.

Cusseta, GA,_Georgia

– Lafayette Rd.

Dallas, GA,_Georgia

– Lafayette St.

Eatonton, GA,_Georgia

– Lafayette St.

Fort Oglethorpe, GA,_Georgia

– Old Lafayette Rd.

Hahira, GA,_Georgia

– Lafayette St. or Ave.

Locust Grove, GA,_Georgia

– Lafayette St.

Quitman, GA,_Georgia

– Lafayette St.

Ringgold, GA,_Georgia

– Lafayette St.

Rocky Face, GA,_Georgia

– Lafayette Rd.

Rossville, GA,_Georgia

– Lafayette Rd.

Sandy Springs, GA,_Georgia

– Lafayette Ave.


Pictures, busts, Exhibitions …

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They played a key role in the American Revolution (1765-1783)
and during the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783)

Between 1778 and 1783,
44 177 French soldiers and sailors fought aside the “American Insurgents”,
5 040 gave their lives for their independence.

Between 1776 and 1783, France spent 1.3 billion French pounds. A huge debt for the time that drained the Treasure of the Kingdom.

Road markers, places, objects…

13_colonies Am revol

The 13 English colonies or states involved: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts (South and North), New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia.

He enlisted as a volunteer without pay alongside the « Insurgents » of the 13 English colonies in America who declared independence unilaterally July 4, 1776

Lafayette as a Major General in the continental army

Marquis de Lafayette as a Major General of Continental Army in 1779.
Portrait by Charles Willson Peale

*Lafayette: First military campaign: from June 1777 to January 1779

*Lafayette: Back in France to plead the cause of the “Insurgents”: from February 1779 to March 1780

*Lafayette: Second military campaign: from April 1780 to December 1781


Louis XVI - King of France and Navare

Louis XVI – King of France and Navarre

1768-1777 – France secretly helps the American Insurgents

1768: Baron de Kalb a Bavarian-born French military, traveled to America on a covert mission (to determine the level of discontent among colonists) on behalf of France.
1775-1776-1777:  France secretly sent military supplies. During these three years, France had been sent secretly to the American rebels over five million French pounds “livres tournois” of aid.

1778-1782 – France officially and fully aids the American Insurgents

1778 (February) – Franco American Treaty
(Later Spain (in 1779) and Dutch (in 1780) became allies of France)

*1778-1779 – 1st “French Expedition” under Comte d’Estaing
*1780-1781-1782- 2nd “French Expedition” under Comte de Rochambeau
*1781- The French Navy under Comte de Grasse joins the Franco-American ground Forces in Yorktown, VA

TOPIC VI (T6) – LAFAYETTE VISIT (August 4 to December 22, 1784)

Road markers, places, objects…


The United States- 1783-1803

In 1784, Lafayette visited America, where he enjoyed an enthusiastic welcome; he visited all the 13 states except Georgia.


Road markers, places, objects…


The United States in 1825

The 24 states visited : Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine (ex-Massachusetts / North part), Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia. Plus Washington D.C.

General Lafayette in 1825 by Matthew Harris Jouett
General Lafayette in 1825 by Matthew Harris Jouett

Detailed Timeline

October 1824
(Arriving from Philadelphia PA)
•    October 6 – Wilmington/Delaware
•    October 12 –District of Columbia.[16]
•    October 15 –Arlington House, and Washington/D.C. at night
•    October 17 – Mount Vernon/Virginia
•    October 18–19 – Petersburg/Virginia, for visit to Yorktown/Virginia
•    October 19–22 – Williamsburg/Virginia
•    October 22 – Norfolk/Virginia, Portsmouth/Virginia.
•    October – Richmond/Virginia,
November 1824
•    November 4 –Monticello/Virginia (former President Thomas Jefferson).
•    November 8 – Charlottesville/Virginia
December 1824
•    Early December – Washington/D.C.
•    December 15 – Washington/D.C.
•    December 17 – Annapolis/Maryland (visits Fort Severn).
•    December 24 – Frederick, Maryland. (« Jug Bridge » crossing the Monocacy River on the National Pike).
January 1825
•    January 1 – Washington/D.C. (Congress)
•    January 19 – Baltimore to Norfolk and Richmond/Virginia
•    January 31 – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Perseverance Lodge #21)
February 1825
•    February 23 -Suffolk/Virginia and Halifax/North Carolina (sandy « Lower Road » from Richmond to Raleigh)
•    February 25 -Lafayette granted Poulson’s Advertiser an interview.
•    February 26—Murfreesboro/North Carolina (first overnight in NC)
•    February 27 – Northampton/NC (now the town of Jackson) and Halifax NC
•    February 28 – Enfield/North Carolina (brief stop at home of Joseph Branch and Tar River at the falls (now Rocky Mount). Night at Rogers Crossroads/NC
March 1825
•    March 1. Fayetteville/North Carolina
•    March 2–3 – Raleigh, North Carolina
•    March 15 -Charleston, South Carolina,
•    March 18 – Beaufort, South Carolina, (John Mark Verdier House)

•   March 19 –Lafayette arrives in Savannah, GA  (Georgia.)

Savannah, GA,_Georgia

Lafayette stayed at the Owens-Thomas House in 1825 and from its south balcony gave a speech to a group of townspeople. Construction of the mansion was completed in 1819 in posh Oglethorpe Square. Now a museum, the historic house features one of the oldest urban slave quarters still intact and a spine-tingling reputation for being haunted.

•    March 21 – In a ceremony on Johnson Square, Savannah, GA Lafayette lays the cornerstone for a memorial dedicated to Revolutionary War heroes general Nathanael Greene and general Count Casimir Pulaski killed during the Battle of Savannah on September 16, 1779

monument to gen. Nathanael GreenNathanael Green memorial in Johnson Square

•    March 23 – The party travels up the Savannah River by steamboat and arrives in Augusta, GA

Augusta, GA,_Georgia

•    March 25 –  The party travels along the Milledgeville Stage Road to Warrenton, GA

Warrenton, GA,_Georgia

•    March 26 – Lafayette continued on to Sparta, GA

Sparta, GA,_Georgia

•    March 27 – Lafayettes arrives in Milledgeville, Georgia (capital of Georgia since 1804)

Milledgeville, GA,_Georgia

Where he meets with the governor, George Troup in an elaborate reception and feast at the Capitol grounds. Lafayette spends the night at the Gachet house, Lamar County, GA

Benjamin_Gachet_House, GA

•    March 29 – Lafayette leaves the capital early in the morning and reaches Macon, Georgia by noon.

Macon, GA,_Georgia

He then enters Creek Indian territory and visits the Old Creek Indian agency in Crawford County, GA

creekagency GA

Here on the Flint River was the headquarters of the Agent for Indian Affairs South of Ohio until the area was acquired by Georgia in the Creek cession of Jan. 24, 1826. Here Benjamin Hawkins and David B. Mitchell, Agents, resided and in 1804 and 1818 negotiated treaties with the Indians. Hawkins, Agent from 1796 to 1816, here entertained hundreds of Indians and many white notables. He established an immense model farm and taught the Indians how to spin and weave and grow cotton, corn, grain, and cattle. Location: Ga. 128 about 1/4 mile north of the Taylor County line

•    March 30 -Still traveling through Creek country, the traveling party spends the night in a bark-covered log cabin in present-day Chattahoochee County GA

Chattahoochee County, GA,_Georgia


•    March 31 – Crosses the Chattahoochee River into Alabama and stays in Fort Mitchell. Route west to Montgomery via military escort through Creek territory.


•    May 22 –Gallipolis/Ohio (Our House Tavern)
•    May 24 – Wheeling/Virginia
•    May 25 – Washington/Pennsylvania

•    Late July –Baltimore/Maryland, via Port Deposit and Havre de Grace, Maryland. Spends two days in Baltimore.
August 1825
•    Late August – Lafayette returns to Mount Vernon/Virginia
September 1825
•    September 6 – Washington, D.C.
•    September 7 – Lafayette leaves Washington and returns to France on the frigate USS Brandywine.